Essays and Reviews Published Around the Web

A Royal Flush: Close-Up on The Lady Eve and Sullivan’s TravelsMUBI Notebook.

No Other Kind: Close-Up on Fritz Lang’s Human DesireMUBI Notebook.

The Human Monsters of Guillermo Del Toro. MUBI Notebook.

Don’t Worry About the Media: Steven Spielberg’s The PostMUBI Notebook.

Made in England: Three Classics By Powell and Pressburger. MUBI Notebook.

Star Struck: Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 40. MUBI Notebook.

The Pros and Cons of Looking Back: Close-Up on John Carpenter’s Christine and Starman. MUBI Notebook.

Chasing Kong: On Hollywood’s Trips to Skull Island. MUBI Notebook.

Running the Maze: Arrival and the Cinema of Denis Villeneuve. MUBI Notebook.

Vote For Pedro: Julieta and the Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar. Fandor Keyframe.

The Pivot Point of Paul Thomas Anderson. Fandor Keyframe.

Cat People and Cat People. Fandor Keyframe.

Notebook Reviews: Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight. MUBI Notebook.

The Enigma of Edward Yang: The Terrorizers in Brooklyn. Fandor Keyframe.

On Movie Dreams and Brian De Palma’s Passion. Fandor Keyframe.

The View From Central Park: Close-Up on Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King. MUBI Notebook.

That Obscure Subject of Desire: Love & Friendship and the Cinema of Whit Stillman. MUBI Notebook.

High Contrast and the Girls Will Be Beautiful: An Interview With Willy Kurant on Shooting Godard’s Masculin Féminin. MUBI Notebook.

Private Lives: Carol and the Cinema of Todd Haynes. MUBI Notebook.

Noir Takes a Holiday: Close-Up on Jules Dassin’s The Law. MUBI Notebook.

“It’ll Burn For a Long Time, Vince”: Close-Up on Fritz Lang’s The Big Heat. MUBI Notebook.

No Time Like the Present: Tomorrowland and the Cinema of Brad Bird. MUBI Notebook.

Interrupted Voyages: Two Rarities at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. MUBI Notebook.

Monicelli Revisited: Empathy and Sin at Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive. MUBI Notebook.

An Incomplete Sum: Jean-Luc Godard’s Une femme mariée. MUBI Notebook.

The Coast of Utopia: Andrei Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan. MUBI Notebook.

Pacing in Unlocked Rooms: Douglas Sirk and There’s Always Tomorrow. MUBI Notebook.

Ministry of Fear: Love During Wartime. MUBI Notebook.

Spirits of Another Era: The Tree of Wooden Clogs. MUBI Notebook.